Concept for a permanent public art installation.
Commissioned by the municipality of Schwarzenberg, Vorarlberg on the occasion of the village’s 750-year anniversary.


The site
Angelikahöhe is a hilltop, located a short walk from Schwarzenberg’s village centre, offering a marvellous view of the entire municipality.

Tile stove and stove bench
As an essential element in the typical Bregenzerwälder house, tile stoves have a long tradition and history in the region. Situated at the heart of the home, daily life is centred around the stove. It is both reliable source of warmth and silent observer of everything going on in a household. For many centuries, the stove was crucial for living – and surviving – in an Alpine region like this. The Ofenbank, a stove bench placed at the sides or around the tile stove, is and remains a favourite spot of most household members. It is an inviting nook for rest, a place to meet, to hear and share stories. The tile stove offers the most cosy, comfortable atmosphere in a house, the best place to lean on and unwind.

Installation of a functional tile stove – with a stove bench all around it – right on top of Angelikahöhe. The centre of each home becomes the centre of the village, turning the site into a meeting point: an open space of warmth, community, listening and story-telling.

Material & construction
The tile stove will be built in cooperation with stove mason Simon Voppichler. It has a square layout and is fully functional. To ensure longevity, the tiles will be cast in concrete, featuring the traditional shapes of ceramic tiles. They will be produced in cooperation with the local concrete plant Bregenzerwälder Betonwerk.

Why the concept was not realised
The project was unanimously approved by the municipal council. Unfortunately, the project had to be halted at a late stage due to disagreements between the municipality and the site‘s private owner.